Some examples of best practices for fundraising events.
These are just a few of the many considerations for your event. I have for my clients a best practices manual that will help you with all aspects of planning your event so that you will maximize your fundraising! Here is just a tiny fraction of the helpful ideas in the manual that is available exclusively to my clients.

  • Establish a detailed timeline.
  • Select a chairperson with the qualities to manage a successful event.
  • If having a raffle, confirm that they are legal in your state.
  • Arrange the guests using the "golden triangle"
  • Determine the number of items for the silent auction.
  • Determine the number of items for the live auction. (More is not always better!)
  • Buffet or sit-down dinner? Sit-down is almost always better.
  • Select fundraising software or consider "Google for Nonprofits".
  • Identify ways to fund costs with sponsorship.
  • Use large easy-to-read bid cards. (I can supply these)
  • Identify games that your donors will enjoy.
  • Budget sufficiently for the most important item: the sound system.
  • Have a clear financial goal for each portion of the event.
  • Consider what type of insurance you need: theft, general liability, etc.
  • Should you have a website? Yes!
  • Secure the services of a moving company to get large items to donors' homes.
  • Remember to keep the FUN in FUNdraising!